Want to support a good cause and fill up your summer backlog games with more cozy games than you'll probably be able to play? Humble Bundle has you covered. (Full disclaimer: I was not paid or told to promote this in any way, I just like a good Humble Bundle.)

Humble Bundle's new Whimsy & Wonder cozy game bundle includes the following 10 items (total 135 USD in value), which can be redeemed with Steam after your purchase:

  1. Cat Cafe Manager
  2. Witchy Life Story
  3. Here Comes Niko
  4. Garden Story
  5. Lemon Cake
  6. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
  7. A Short Hike
  8. Assemble with Care
  9. A 65% coupon for Haven Park
  10. A 35% coupon for Hello Goodboy

If you pay at least 13 USD, you'll receive all 10 items in the bundle and can feel extra good about contributing to the ACLU and Legal Defense Fund with your purchase. You can also pay a smaller amount to receive fewer items as you'd like.

The bundle is available for a limited time, so I'd recommend checking it out sooner rather than later. In the event that you already own one of the games in the bundle, you can always gift the code to someone else!

Whimsy & Wonder: A Cozy Games Collection
Open yourself to wonder with games like Cat Cafe Manager, A Short Hike, and Witchy Life Story. Your purchase supports the ACLU and Legal Defense Fund.