Pixio put out a survey quite a while ago to ask about what type + colorway of gaming monitor you would like them to make available to the masses, and if you voted for a pink IPS, 27” 1440p 100Hz gaming monitor, this new Pixio gaming monitor is just that.

In addition to being in a pretty powder pink, the PX275C Prime is considered both a productivity and gaming monitor given that it offers USB-C charging and the ability to tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust its height. In other words—it would be a great portrait Spotify monitor. It’s also VESA compatible if you would prefer to mount it on a monitor arm.

If you’re interested in this monitor, you can check it out here on Amazon US, where it’s currently available for 279.99 USD. If you’re not into pink, the original black PX275C is available on Amazon US for about the same price, but usually cheaper.

Pixio PX275C Prime Pink | 27 inch 1440p 100Hz WQHD Gaming Monitor
PX275C Prime Pink is a 100Hz productivity gaming monitor that combines beauty and battle station all-in-one display. Equipped with a visually stunning 27 inch, WQHD edge-to-edge IPS display, the PX275C Prime Pink is the dream for all your creative and work/life balance needs. With USB-C DisplayPort…