Pixio, producer of affordable, high-quality gaming monitors, is looking for thoughts on what color and what type of monitor they should release for a limited edition run. Legitimately pink gaming monitors are especially rare in the market, and historically have been released exclusively to APAC regions (e.g., AOC’s Agon line has pink monitors, but you really only see them in places like Singapore and China). Speaking from experience, AMER and EMEA gamers typically have to import pink monitors from APAC or pull out the trusty can of spray paint.

You can offer your opinion through the vote that they’re running here, by selecting your preferred monitor colorway, and by specifying which of their monitor types you would be most interested in.


  • White 🤍
  • Pink 🌸

Monitor options:

  • Pixio PXC348C (34", 144Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MPRT) @ 420 USD
  • Pixio PX273 (27", 165Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MPRT) @ 219.99 USD
  • Pixio PX275CP (27", 100Hz Refresh Rate, IPS) @ 269.99 USD
  • Pixio PX277 Pro (27", 165Hz Refresh Rate, IPS) @ 369.99 USD
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vote directly on Pixio's website to provide your input