It's the Steam Deck's birthday week, and honestly it seems like it was just yesterday that I was waiting for my own Steam Deck to finally make its way into my hands after nearly a year of obsessively refreshing the shipment estimator (iykyk). Happy birthday, Steam Deck!

In celebration of this very important milestone for handheld gaming, Valve has decided to put the Steam Deck on sale for one week—it's 10% off until the end of the Steam Spring Sale on March 23rd at 10am Pacific! It's the perfect time to finally grab one if you've been thinking about it and live in a region where Valve has made the Steam Deck available for official purchase. I adore my Steam Deck, and I've gushed about it in my faves of 2022, which you can read at your leisure here.

May Valve have mercy on our wallets...

In addition to the Steam Deck sale, Steam is currently hosting its annual Spring Sale. Thousands of games are on sale right now, with discounts up to 90% off. (I'd recommend checking Is There Any Deal? to crosscheck your prices before finalizing your purchases.) Is there a better time to stock up on games to play on your new Steam Deck, or just to hoard in your gaming backlog for a rainy day? Well, probably not until the next Steam Sale. :)

For all my current and upcoming fellow Steam Deck owners and enjoyers, happy Steam Deck gaming!

Steam Deck
Celebrate Steam Deck’s first year with 10% off!